Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is injured on every film set

Arnold Schwarzenegger has never filmed a movie without being injured.

The 67-year-old hard-man - who often carries out his own stunts - has revealed that he has been left bloodied and bruised during filming and has never escaped a set without needing medical attention.
He said: "I've never walked away from any movie where there wasn't an injury. If it's an elbow injury or shoulder injury or a knee injury or an ankle injury or something, or you cut your head open, because you know it's through some crazy thing, you just bang your head into the camera when you do the stunts.

"You know this happened to me two or three movies ago where it was like bleeding in the middle of the scene and then you're in the middle of the emergency room and you get stitched up and then they put make-up over it and they continue over the fight scenes."
However, the Hollywood star admitted the glamorous side of the movie business means he can't have any complaints.
He told ITV's 'Good Morning Britain': "I can never feel sorry for myself with all the hard work you do in a movie because you have your 40ft trailer and you have your rest periods. You have all those things and it's fun to do."

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