America’s Next Top Model (ANTM)

“Want to be on top?” America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), started by model/celebrity Tyra Banks herself, is a competition where girls have a chance to follow their dreams of becoming a model. 

Throughout the competition, the girls have photo shoots and challenges to determine who will stay another week longer, and which girl’s dreams of becoming America’s Next Top Model ends. Each week the photo shoots are always different; one week they could be shooting in a barren desert, another week they could be shooting underwater with hundreds of fish. This is a lot of pressure on each of the girls because for many, this could be their big break that would get them in a good place in the modeling industry. 

The winner of the competition gets a contract with IMG Modeling Agency, a contract with Cover Girl, and will have the amazing opportunity to be on the very pages of Vogue Italia. To add to the pressure, the drama between the girls at home is immense; tension grows in the house as each weeks pass and as fewer girls are left. You will be intrigued by the fashion tips, amazing make up, and fabulous outfits the show has to offer. Not only will this show entertain you, but it will also inspire you to embrace your look and how unique it is. Some girls in the competition, like cycle 15’s winner Ann Ward, are very different and you could also say, awkward. 

The competition embraced the awkwardness of her look and she ended up winning. You, again specifically talking to the female watchers, will enjoy ANTM; full of fashion, glamour, beauty, and drama.

By vanessasandraBandungIndonesia

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